A Season of Mercies

November 6, 2012

Early this spring I happened onto a rough patch of insomnia. I’ve always had periodic sleep trouble, but this particular five month patch was the roughest yet. I was missing entire nights of sleep sometimes two and three times a week. And even the nights in between were often peppered with bouts of wakefulness. This was worse than pregnancy, worse than newborn nights, and in general the worst fatigue I have experienced to date.

Now that I am generally sleeping much better and am much more clearheaded, I can see all the little mercies God sent my way during the last several months. I am so thankful for our hot, dry, sunshiney summer. I often willed myself out the door with the kids and was rewarded with lots of vitamin D and endorphins and an energy surge–just what this tired mama needed.

I’m thankful for brothers who are best friends. (except when they are worst enemies). Asher and Jude played together so well most of the summer that I was often reminded of this verse: How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity! Psalm 133:1

here they are comparing bruises and battle scars–

I’m thankful for a tough little girl with an independent spirit who loves planes, trains and automobiles. And guns, grime, and gore. In spite of all her independence and spirit, she still gives the best bear hugs and sweetest kisses you’ve ever had.

I’m thankful for international trips to see (and meet for the first time!) loved ones:

I’m thankful for my crockpot. It spawned this beauty:

And many others like it.

I’m thankful for coffee (don’t judge, I drink responsibly. Caffeine is not my sleep-robber)

I’m thankful for table time! And three kiddos who will play happily at the table while mommy is otherwise occupied (sometimes napping on the couch)

I’m thankful for an energetic husband, who picked up lots of slack these last several months. He ran these kids ragged when I wasn’t up to the task. Here they are feigning fright at Jared’s recently carved jack-o-lantern.

and a rare picture with the man himself–

I’m thankful for good sleepers (other than me). They keep predictable routines and more often than not sleep peacefully through the night.

One of Haven’s many delights: waking up the boys! She is merciless.

I’m thankful for a season of health. We were virtually virus free during the last several months. (Except when all three kids got a stomach bug while Jared and I were overseas. That trial was intended for my mother-in-law =)

I’m thankful for family and good friends.

I’m thankful for the continual training in righteousness this particular trial and all it’s accompanying temptations afforded.

I’m thankful that God gives me everything I need. all the time. This was a season that I needed to be tired and a season to observe the daily mercies given to accomplish the tasks before me. At the start of all this sleep trouble, I would beg God to let me sleep, but when the insomnia trouble dragged on longer than usual, I began to pray for enough energy to fulfill my various responsibilities. There was always enough. There was not an abundance, but the energy was there when I needed it. God faithfully took care of my needs again and again. It was a busy last five months and I can truly say that God proved his strength in my weakness. And I have learned to trust him all the more.

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