Haven’s look back at 2015 and New Year’s resolutions

December 31, 2015

I haven’t required too much of the kids over their holiday break, but I did give them one writing assignment. I’d like for them to develop the habits of healthy self-reflection and the setting of personal goals. So here their compositions are–unedited and uncensored. (except for misspellings which I corrected for ease of reading below.)

Haven’s look back at 2015 and New Year’s resolutions:

1) Learn to play soccer

2) Finish learning letters and sounds

3) Learn to read!

4) Learn to obey.

5) Finish learning to write letters

I miss Michigan and my old closet and going to Luna Pier (beach)

I like my new Wisconsin bedroom because it’s bigger. I like our new neighbors. I like having two cars. I like my pretty new house.

Jude’s 2015 look back and resolutions for 2016:

I miss going to the Dobbertins and the Ollilas in Michigan. I miss going to the beach. I liked the big basement in Michigan. I liked living close to our church.

In Wisconsin I like that we have an upstairs. I like our new school and new friends. I like our huge house. I like that Asher and me have a big room.

1) to do more exercise

2) Learn more math

3) Win first in another spelling bee.

4) Make new friends

5) Have three Christmases

Asher’s 2015 review and goals for the new year:


I miss Owen and Liam and all the other Dobbertins. Michigan was a lot of fun like when the time we went to Turtle Cove, a cool water park. And the time we slept with them (Dobbertins) before we moved to Wisconsin. We always had a great time with them. I really miss them.

Wisconsin–Things That Have Changed

Wisconsin has changed my life in many ways. For one, we have a huge house compared to our little house in Michigan. When we were here at Christmas last year, it was an extraordinary time. I had moved before but I was so young, and experiencing it when I was older is easier to remember so it was like moving my first time. I still see the Dobbertins but not very often like we did in Michigan. School has changed too. It is a public school and tons of people and a lot more…

My goal for the New Year:

1) I am going to try to exercise everyday.

2) I want to not give up

3) I wish to not lose my temper

4) To be even more aggressive

5) To love my brother and sister

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