November 17, 2013

Asher the poet:

Mom, your hair is like a water fountain, like a brown water fountain coming down.

Comparing spring and a lingering winter to two kids at recess: Spring: Get out of here! I don’t want to play with you anymore. Winter: No! I’m not going away. I still want to play!

Comparing his straight hair to Haven’s curly hair: I have straight hair. My hairs all say: Let’s follow the leader!

When it’s raining the clouds have their tears coming down.

In a discussion about how to spell the word “people”:  The ‘o’ in people is not real. It’s just a decoration.

After relating to me how he had had his name put on the board at school: It was worse than a 100 time outs!

Asher the sensitive soul:

Dad, sometimes when I’m still in bed and I hear you going to work, I feel ashamed.

Commenting on a song playing in the background: I love this song. It reminds me when I would be home every morning for breakfast with Jude and Haven.

After my talking to him about divorce and God’s goodness: Hmm. It’s a different kind of good.

After being corrected–crying and despairing: I had a PLAN to do wrong.

Jude the Shrewd:

After my telling him I was looking for popcorn at Aldi: I know they must have some here because I saw some in that lady’s cart back there.

Talking to Grandma: When I grow up and have kids, Mommy and Daddy will be their Papa and Grandma, right?

Grandma: That’s right.
Jude: And you’ll be dead.

Walking thru the coffee/tea/hot choc aisle at Meijer: mmm, mmmm, I love that smell. Can we buy that smell? i remember what that smell is. It’s sweet coffee.

Playing house with Haven. Jude is daddy returning home from work and announcing as he comes in the door: Good news!!!! I’m done with my dissertation! (said months before Jared had actually completed his dissertation or even talked about being close to finishing)

Overhearing Haven and Asher fighting while washing their hands in the bathroom: Haven doesn’t fight me when I help her wash her hands. I think she likes me better.

Jared to Haven: You are not to eat while we pray.

Jude: But dad, she’s JUST a baby!

Haven, coming into her own.

As we walk into Target, she begins to bargain: Me not touch anything! Me walk?!!! (She lies!)

After falling out of her chair at dinner: I need booster! (Thinking better of it)  I sit on bobbom, won’t fall.

At bedtime after attempting to give up her pacifier the previous night: Me need paci. Me yittle. (little)

After praying for her friend Ruby who is struggling with going to school: Why Ruby scared? Are monsters at school?!

to G’Ma during a game involving mini cups and a gummy bear: Me not play anymore. Me just eat it.

Her continual refrain: Ugh! That makes me angwy (angry)!

Forming Alliances:

Haven to Jude: Me not like Asher. He’s mean.

Jude: Oh, he’s not always mean. I still like him.

Jude to Asher: You’re being mean to Haven!

Asher: No, I’m her BIG brother. Haven and me will NEVER fight.

UN-categorized Cuteness:

Jude to me while coloring at the table: Wow, mommy! did you color that flower? What about that butterfly? it looks like a sticker.

Asher to me after I accidentally shut him in the art closet: What?! Did you think I was a marker?!!!

Asher to Jude: Please don’t do that again. OK? OK??? OK???

Jude: I said ‘OK’ in my head.

Jude teasing Haven: Grandma and Papa already left.

Haven, bordering on hysteria: No. They not leave. Papa not kiss me! (ie. He couldn’t leave without kissing me first!!!)

Me to Asher: Hurry, Asher! We’re going to be late!

Asher: Well, mom, I’m just not a rusher. (Don’t I know it!)

Me to Jude after hearing loud stomping from the other room: What are  you doing, Jude?

Jude: Well, mom, my foot is tingling, and I’m trying to wake it up.

Asher coming home from basketball camp and his first scrimmage: Did you watch me on TV?!

Me to Jared: how do you pronounce Bagheera? (the black panther from the Jungle Book)

Asher calling out from the back of the car: I say it “Bag-He-Era.”

Silence on all fronts.

Asher: Insecure little laugh followed by: Well, at least that’s how I say it when I read the Jungle Book.

Asher overhearing Jared grilling me on whether the lights were off inside the car when I came inside: Daddy, why are you so alarmed?!

Asher to Haven: Why do you like playing with guns so much? Shouldn’t you play with dolls or something? (a little gender profiling)

Jude all dried out from a bad cold: Sometimes when I’m super thirsty, water is so yummy. It’s like dessert to my tummy.

After a dispute between Jared and me, Jared apologized for something he had said. Asher offered this comfort: It’s okay, dad. Sometimes mom is mean to you too.

Jude patiently waiting for his turn to say good night to me: Are you going to talk to me for a long time like that too? I love hearing you talk! (Really?!)

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