New Year, New Mercies; Same God, Same Promises

January 11, 2012

Twice in the last week someone has asked me a specific question about my older children’s baby phases and how we sleep trained them. And twice, I drew a blank. After a little reflection I began to remember and offered some answers, but how is it that I’ve already forgotten so much?!

Twice in the last week, I lost my temper with my four year old when he showed some behavioral regression. I thought I was beyond that. But all it took was a slight regression on the part of a child and I quickly forgot victories past and surrendered to my old habit of being quickly angered.

And how often have I heard a seasoned mother with grown children say something along the lines of, “My children just didn’t get sick when they were little."  Sometimes I just want to argue back: "Of course your children got sick when they were young. Even if you never filled a penicillin prescription and you intentionally fed your children dirt, no immune system is so robust as to have escaped all the childhood diseases. You just aren’t remembering!" 

The point is that we all forget. I seem to be especially short-sighted. And I’m weary of it. I want to remember the many kindnesses that God has poured out on our lives, including the trials which yield that "peaceful harvest of right living” (Heb 12:11). I want to recall those lessons learned through trial when God grants “a season of clear shining to cheer [us] after the rain.” (William Cowper: “Sometimes a Light Surprises”) I want to have a constant reminder of God’s faithfulness to me and to my family. I want to remember so that I always trust God to do what is right. I want to remember so that I have compassion and and useful advice for those whose lives follow a similar trajectory. God’s faithfulness is proven, but unless I revisit all the many ways he has proved it, I will no doubt forget. So, as part Christmas gift to myself and part New Year’s resolution, I’m doing the blog thing. It is a space for me to record family memories and milestones so that we never forget.


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