Oh, the Things They Say!

February 18, 2013

Figuring out this world (or not):


I turned off the fan in Haven’s room so the battery couldn’t die. (except that it’s powered by electricity!)

The airplane lost its air so it fell down (doesn’t work like a helium balloon, sweetie!)

Mom, is oatmeal like ice cream? Does it melt? Cause my oatmeal is really runny. (no, pretty sure oatmeal is always a solid)

In frustration: Mom, my underwear goes up my bottom every day! (perhaps if you didn’t wear them backwards, dear)

When I’m a baby again…

Me: It doesn’t work that way, Jude. We grow older, not younger. You’ll never be a baby again.

Jude: That’s not what is says on our Bible stories. I heard a man talk about being a baby and being born again. (think he understood Jesus’ point about as well as Nicodemus did!)

I don’t like the cold because I don’t like to have to wear socks. When can we wear crocs again?

After receiving some instructions for later: Oh mommy, you’ll forget what you told me and I’m not going to remind you.

Commenting on my driving: Mom, you startled my tummy!


Don’t worry, Jude. There are no poisonous spiders in the basement. They are all far away in India–in the jungles.

Talking to me as I leave to take a sick Haven to the doctor: Remember, Haven is allergic to penicillin.

Me: Yes, I remember

A: Will she always be allergic?!

Me: Yes.

A: But not in heaven, right?

I was just going to come out to the breakfast table, but God told me to go to the bathroom first. So I did.

I’m not going to tell you what I did during my nap because I already talked to God about it. (hmmm–to pursue or not to pursue)

To his brother after receiving his dinner plate: Wow, Jude. We got a lot of healthy things on our plates.

Asher’s poeticisms:

Using his knife correctly to cut pizza: It’s like I’m playing the violin.

These socks are the color of sweet coffee.

Jude always has a laugh in his voice.

Looking at lit trees downtown Detroit: Those trees look like ballerinas!

Say What?!


See me, Mom? See my hair? Do I look like Han Solo a little bit?

I wiped off the licking we were doing on the floor.


After being in loads of trouble: I’m still not as bad as Tom (Sawyer).

Me to Asher: For show and tell tomorrow you need to take something that starts with the “g” sound.

Asher: G, Guh, guh, guh, GAAAAAAG (onomatopoeia) Maybe I can gag for show and tell.

Deeply offended: Daddy! Jude called me an old smuggler!

To Daddy: Don’t you wish you were married to Princess Leia?

Daddy: No way. Mommy is much prettier than Princess Leia. (good man!)

Asher: No, she’s not. (someones going to bed early…=)

Sibling convos:
a desperate Jude to Asher: Stop talking!!!!

Asher speaking Robotese: I. can’t. stop. talking. I. don’t. know. where. the. switch. is. to. turn. me. off. (well said. well said!)

Jude to Asher: I love you, Asher. Right now you are being so nice but sometimes you are kind of mean.

Asher: Yeah, usually you are kind of mean.

Jude: But I’m being nice right now, right?!!!

Asher: Yeah, you are nice right now.

Jude: Yeah, usually I’m mean. (whew, crisis averted!)

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