Praying for the persecuted in Nigerian and Iran

January 29, 2012

This morning around 2 am when I was regretting that late evening fully caffeinated cup of coffee, I took the otherwise wasted time to catch up on my blog reader. I came across this piece concerning the spread of Christianity despite persecution in Iran and this piece regarding the slaughter of Nigerian Christians by Boko Haram, a radical Islamic sect. Both posts are written by Joe Carter.

So, I found myself praying for our dear brothers and sisters in Jesus who at this moment know the fellowship of sharing in Jesus’ sufferings.  On the one hand I pray for our Lord’s immediate return so that he can avenge these sufferings and the deaths of the many martyrs throughout history, but on the other hand I praise God for his patience in waiting for more to repent and believe. I trust and pray that my own children and friends and relatives will be in those future numbers.

We know from history that the body of Christ tends to thrive in areas and times of persecution, so I praise God for how he is using what these blinded men intend for evil as good, but I also pray for the authorities in these nations so that Nigerian and Iranian Christians can “live quiet and peaceful lives marked by godliness and dignity,” knowing that this kind of lifestyle is an altogether different kind of evangelistic tool and one that pleases God. Please pray for these dear believers!

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