To a Little Lark (On Her Second Birthday)

February 24, 2013

Not a day passes that your dad and I don’t look at each other and express just how happy we are to have you. You are one of God’s most delightful gifts to us. And so we thank Him today for the good gift of two years with you, Haven Noelle. And we pray that in time you too will come to know and treasure God’s best gift to us–Jesus.

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change. James 1:17

14 Things We Love About You

1) How you love to sing (hence the nickname, “little lark” or “songbird”)


caught mid-melody making

2) How you’re a happy little thing, waking up so pleasantly most mornings.

3) How you listen attentively with wide, interested eyes, supplying non-verbal feedback as we speak.


Here you are in the act of listening and responding with an “Ohhh!”

4) You’re cute. I try not to say this to your face, since well, you’re also kind of vain. We marvel at how you manage to find your image in every reflective surface in the house and have to observe yourself from every angle and with every conceivable facial expression. And there’s no mistaking who’s in that mirror since you very early identified that reflection as yourself–patting yourself and exclaiming “ME! ME! MEEEEE!” Your big BIG brother thinks you are adorable too. When you come out of your room to take him to school dressed in your robe with your crazy morning curls tucked into your owl hat, he is just ready to smother you with affection. He once turned to me in all his exuberance and said, Oh, I’m so glad she’s my sister. I just love her sooooo much!” That pretty well sums it up for all of us.

5) You’re quiet and observant. Quiet as in the opposite of chatty. Quiet as in the opposite of your big brothers. (This is not to imply that you are hesitant to give your opinion or cry loudly when you’re upset. Just that you don’t immediately express every thought that comes into your head) You will sit in silence on the counter while I make dinner, barely saying a thing, but carefully observing all that I do.


(Here’s the lark, perched on the counter while I prep dinner.)

Many times you’ll observe for a while and then ask to try yourself, or I’ll catch you imitating me in your own kitchen later. It may take you a long time before you’re ready to try something new, but when you’re ready, you are determined and do not hesitate.


Here, after observing the boys play a video game several times, you decided you were ready to try yourself.


Here you are closely observing Asher’s Angry Bird maneuvers.

6) How you know your own mind. Once you’ve decided what you want, you break your silence with decisive communications–whether through speech or pantomime. So, my girl who speaks very little will suddenly pop out with “I don’t want cheese” or “I like it” or,  “Here you go. Done”,  or “It’s disgusting” or “I don’t want to” or “Turn the page” or “No crying.” or “I do.”

7) How you call your fingers by their names: thumb, pointer and pinky (or mum, popo, and pepe. You also raise your hand to answer my questions. These come, I suppose, from observing your older, school-aged brother.

8) How you are a good little home manager. You’ll find a rubber band and return it to it’s place. You’ll discover a fuzzy and throw it away. You’ll see socks on the boy’s bedroom floor and throw them in the dirty clothes. You put all our hats and scarves and gloves away when we come home. And when we’re about to leave, you distribute the hats, gloves and scarves to the correct owner. Once, I walked out of my room where I was getting ready to leave, to find my scarf waiting in the hall just outside the door for me. You eagerly pick up toys and clean up your room. You’ve figured out our system and are eager to enforce it.

9) Your bouncy gait. We get that little love pang every time we see you bounce off with your curls bobbing along behind you.


10) Hearing your rich, golden laughter coming from another room where you’ve been eavesdropping on our conversations.

11) How you’re quick to say, “Sorry,” (read: ARE-EE) when you’ve upset your brothers or disobeyed your parents. Once you shot a NERF disc gun directly at Asher’s face at close range. And when he cried you were quick to apologize and kiss the tears away.

12) How you throw kisses at us whenever you leave the room.

13) How you throw your head back as you drive your motored car around the basement.

14) How you catch our eye and motion for us to sit with you.

And a couple things we like a little less:

How you steadfastly refuse to pose for a picture


How you drag all the clothes and shoes out of your dresser and attempt to dress yourself so that we find you in various stages of dress and undress all around the house.


those are my feet you attempted to shove into your little mary janes.

Happy 2nd Birthday to our happy little lark. Our hearts just ache from loving you so much!

Love, Mom and Dad

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